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Play bible checkers & jump your obstacles all the way to The Kingdom with the commentaries of your favorite christian parables characters!



Can you find you? Journey inside a biblical mystery, where you can solve for x in real life! Learn through a bible lesson plan centered around a new biblical parable!

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Are You Ready to WordPlay?

How is Faith like Ice-Cream? What bible topic is just like last year's calendar? Feel the fun challenge of riddles to solve, verses to remember, and morals to share ALL at once!

WordPlay® is a interactive bible memory technique which animates scriptures to a mystery story rhythm of New Christian Parables! It's Sunday School from home with your family's favorite teacher: YOU!

Inspire others with Family Skits, and Index of Scriptures, Fun Facts in these new parables, and do it all with the Symbolism of today!

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The Hidden Smile Parable Parable of Ice-Cream Soup The Lawyer's Lullaby
Salvation Faith Pride
A Hide-n-Seek champion is finally found inside a "new game" hiding from him? A little girl discovers the conditions of faith in an unlikely place!  A lawyer hires a detective to investigate the mysterious conditions in a courtroom

And plenty more bible study tales inside.

Rehearse New Skits with Friends & Family!

Become the new bible lesson through new skits from your mobile device! With much less paper, it's "Lights-Camera-Action starring.... YOU. Have fun!


"The funnest & easiest way to explore The Bible!" - Fellow Kingdom-Seeker
Toss your yellow highlighters to juggle mystery with morals of new contemporary parables.
And discover WordPlay in more ways than one!

Buy Book 1: The Ventriloquist & The Blind Architect

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Ride along inside 12 new parables, enjoying a bible-lover's playground where the scriptures play! We call it WordPlay® Take a sip of the funnest way to bible study. And you'll instantly taste the difference of Sunday with a twist: 12 new parables!

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